Saturday, January 9, 2010

Emailbag: It Really Is the Thought That Counts. Actually, the Thought Itself Is Way Too Much.

I've been blogging, or not, if the cobwebs around here are any indication, for almost six years. And in those six years I have received an awful lot of email. A lot.

Of all those emails, I think this may be the best.

I almost won the lottery the other day. I was just a few numbers off probably and while waiting for that special phonecall when they tell you that it is true, you are in fact a millionaire (or is it billionaire?), I was speculating on how to spend the money. Financial speculation is of course good (we know that because Gordon Gekko told us and nobody has proved him wrong!) and after a lot of speculating I thought of you. Yes you. And I thought how it would be wonderful to buy you an original Thomas Kinkade painting, signed and all, and have it framed nicely and sent to your house and see to that the delivery men would hang it on your wall, using bolts so that it wouldn't fall down when you'd start jumping up and down with joy. And I thought that it would be the best christmas gift ever.

But I didn't win the lottery after all and after some brooding and kicking furniture I did in fact find you a Kinkade. See, I still think of you even after you being such a big part of my disappointment.

Anyway, for richer or poorer: Happy New Year!