Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Recontinuing Cycle Story, by Alex Wilson

The sun had just come over the horizon. Then, in the middle of the river, the fishies started swimming out from their night spot and, as usual, they went down the waterfall, into the plastic bowl, down the large black tube, and into the pond specially reserved for them. Then, when the sun had set, beyond the horizon they swam up the creek to their reserved night pond. The next morning, they would repeat the cycle over again.

Also to repeat day after day.

Then, a robbery took place. The robbers got away but the police saw where the robbers went, so they installed some hidden security cameras that saw the robbers go to their hideout. Then the police snuck over to the robber hideout and into the room where the robbers were. They arrested the robbers, returned the robbed items to their rightful place, and then day by peaceful day the cycle repeated once more.

The End.


As far as I know, this is the first story Alex has ever written. Although the connection with the robbers and fishies is somewhat mysterious, I like his description of the daily fish routine and in general, his story arc is pretty good. I really love this kid.