Monday, October 12, 2009

Hold On A Second.

Update: There! That's better.

Unfortunately, all my followers were eaten, and I have no idea how to put them back.

As you can see, I'm trying to get my blog back to normal. I figured out how to put my pictures back, but I'm having a horrible time trying to put up a blogroll and my BlogHer ads in the sidebar. The old template was written in HTML, and the new one is in XML, so when I try to cut and paste it tells me my code is "badly written" and I need to gobbledygook flibberty gibbet in order to fix it. I've tinkered around so much I've run out of time to write anything.

Instead, today I must offer you some gifts that people sent me when requesting the new URL.

First, one of my Icelandic readers, a cruel, cruel group of people in general, gave me two housewarming gifts: prints by Thomas Kinkaide, along with moving descriptions of each masterpiece.

In his garden scenes, Thom combines a plethora of color and light that is vintage Kinkade. Roses that look and smell like heaven. Orchids that absorb the sunlight and almost seem to shimmer. The sweet scent of fruit trees in the late afternoon. The light in Thom's painting's represents God's presence and influences." It also "illuminates and guides."

In these tranquil bridge scenes, Thom uses all his skills as an artist to show us that bridges are so much more than structures. They span the chasms and obstacles of life and help to deliver us safely to where we're going. Bridges symbolism is crossing over from dark to light.

Thank you ever so much. As soon as I figure out how to write in XML, I'm going to hang one of these in the sidebar, and serves you right.

Also, I was sent this footage of an alarming baby panda:

and also, this excellent zombie song:



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